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About this blog

We all know that Microsoft software suites are essential in the productivity field, but it's also true that these softwares are currently expensive.

The current situation forces many people to work from home, and many of them are still organizing their lives without having the resources to acquire expensive software licenses, while some others prioritize to invest in computer hardware first.

The case of cheap activation keys

There are a lot of vendors selling cheap activation keys in sites like eBay. The issue with these keys is that they're intended for other distribution channels and Microsoft doesn't authorize to resell them in the retail market, therefore the risk of overselling or deactivation is high. Beside this, the market for product keys is currently oversaturated and due to increased demand prices have skyrocketed in recent months.

Use of third-party activators

There are third-party activators like KMSPico or Microsoft Toolkit around the net, but there's no way you can download them from their official sites. Therefore you need to look for the binaries in forums or sites which frequently upload them including malware inside - on purpose - with the intention to steal valuable data from it's victims.

What do we recommend?

To sum it up, our recomendation is to make use of command-line methods to activate Microsoft software. By using the command line or a simple batch script you're not required to download any unknown executables and neither purchase cheap product keys that are not authorized to be sold by retailers. In this blog you can find easy-to-understand tutorials that explain how to activate the most common softwares from Microsoft.

Notice: The download links provided in this blog are direct downloads from Microsoft servers with public access.

How we intend to cover hosting fees and earn some bucks with this project? By placing download links with URL shorteners, so visitors can contribute with the site without asking anyone for funds.