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Download and activate Microsoft Office 2019 with KMS

August 14, 2020

At the time this article has been published, the price on Microsoft's store for Office Home & Business 2019 is of $249, and for the Professional version it's close to double at $440.

There are other open alternatives like LibreOffice, but since most people make use of propietary formats from Microsoft the compatibility with these documents is not optimal yet.

It's a reality that Microsoft Office is the best office software suite you can have in these days. However, not all people is willing to pay such a high amount for this suite. In part for this reason is that i have written this tutorial so anyone can activate Office 2019 without taking risks.

The hardware requirements to run Office 2019 are pretty modest like the previous release, but you need to consider that this release only comes with official support for Windows 10.

Download Office 2019 from Microsoft servers

Downloads from Microsoft repositories are public, however links are a bit messy sometimes. For your convenience, you can access this section with grouped downloads in various languages.

Activate Office 2019 with non-intrusive methods

This tutorial is divided in two parts. The first method requires to type commands in the Windows command line (CMD). In addition, you find a brief explanation on what each command does. With the second method, you just download a script that has the proper commands embedded to activate Office 2019.

First method: Activate Office using the command line (CMD)

Step 1. Open the start menu and search for CMD. You need to start the command prompt with admin privileges.


This is the default path where Microsoft Office gets installed:

For 32-bit version: "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16"

For 64-bit version: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16"

Step 2. By using the cd command you can change the current directory to the one where your Office files are located.

cd "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16"


The first thing we need to do after the installation finishes is to convert it's version from Retail to Volume. This will allow us to connect to a KMS Server that will serve to activate Office 2019.

Step 3. Let's use the ospp.vbs script and install the required licenses to convert the Office version to volume

You need to copy and paste these commands one by one, and press enter each time.

cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\ProPlus2019VL_KMS_Client_AE-ppd.xrm-ms"

cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\ProPlus2019VL_KMS_Client_AE-ul.xrm-ms"

cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:"..\root\Licenses16\ProPlus2019VL_KMS_Client_AE-ul-oob.xrm-ms"

Now that the conversion is done, we need to set a product key

Step 4. Install the product key that will be validated against a KMS host.

You can use this command

cscript ospp.vbs /inpkey:NMMKJ-6RK4F-KMJVX-8D9MJ-6MWKP

Confirmation of product key installed

Now, it is necessary to specify the server to which we will connect and validate the license

Step 5. Use this command to set as a host.

cscript ospp.vbs /

It's recommended to use this server since it's the best known, but you can also set that works the same.


Step 6. Type this command to activate Office 2019

cscript ospp.vbs /act

If everything went fine, you should receive a confirmation that the product was activated successfully.


With the use of cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus we can check for the remaining grace period since the last validation with the KMS Server

Second Method: Activate Office with a batch script

For those who prefer to avoid typing commands there is a script available, although it's recommended to deactivate Windows Defender before running it to avoid a false positive. This is because Microsoft decided to block KMS activation scripts since 2019.

Step 1. Copy all the text from the link above and paste it in Windows Notepad.

Step 2. Go to File > Save and give the document a name. For example "activateoffice.cmd"


Just don't forget to save it with the .cmd extension

Step 3. Then, right click on the file and launch it with administrator privileges.

Step 4. Wait for the activation process to complete. If the console shows Product activation successful, then it's done.

Now you can fully enjoy your Microsoft Office applications.

With the use of cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus we can check for the remaining grace period since the last validation with the KMS Server

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this method safe and validated by Microsoft?

The Office Software Protection Platform script (ospp.vbs) usage is described in this Microsoft document and it's part of the Office suite.

What does KMS mean?

KMS stands for Key Management Service. It's a technology conceived by Microsoft to activate software deployed in bulk. For instance, clients connect to a KMS Server that validates licenses.

Is this activation permanent?

As long as you have a KMS server configured that remains active, you can keep the product activated for unlimited time. Just make sure you have an internet connection, as every 180 days the license is rechecked against the server.